The Death of Over Thinking – A Brief Rumination


Overthinking gets a bad rap. And these days more than ever. Overthinking has not been sent to the corner to think about what it’s done, ….overthinking is being shamed, by simply being ignored.

You’re just overthinking things.

Don’t think about it so much.

Stop reading into everything.  

Dude seriously, Recycling, good for the environment, not so good for the mind.

BE HERE NOW ( you haven’t clocked off yet)

Excess. Inefficiency. Histrionics. The Feminine. Overthinking may as well be wearing a big pink blouse with frilly sleeves and a dousing pot pourri under the armpits. Disenfranchised and alone, that awkward bulky gait, chorus of clattering cans, singing out as it lopes past, collecting everything in its wake like a giant unsustainable fishing net.

It’s not ‘smart’ thinking when you over think. No one is going to name an algorithm after you.

It’s not ‘sustainable’ thinking when you overthink. Don’t bother feeding that crap to the worms.

Overthought can’t be on it, across it, all over it   …..because overthoughts are almost always …beside themselves.

In the days before global warming, when pastoral settings were blessed by daffodils at the right time of the year and not before, poets spent entire summers overthinking things. And when the nights grew cool they warmed themselves with laudanum and kept right on thinking., They were never across it, they didn’t want to be across it, they were right where they wanted to be.

Thinking about it now, it seems overthinking might a punishment for taking one too many rides on the karmic wheel.

You had your time, you didn’t work it out, now scram.

But the thing with wheels… they spin. Who knows, maybe thinking things through has thought of a comeback plan of its own.



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