Defined as a woman of too many words;

My name is Anna O’Faolan.

I am a writer, post grad researcher and teacher.

I am passionate about stories, creative risk, philosophical enquiry, cultural diversity, compassion, empowerment,  community, the power of comedy, the sharing of knowledge, what happens when we sing and the impartial gaze of the natural world.

Inspired by the way we use the past to both encounter and create our future, I mourn the passing of affordable pathways to education and remain hopeful that University will one day, again become accessible to all.

Topics I have written on include:  Cultural Heritage, Literature, Philosophy, History, Mindfulness, Science, Spirituality, Art, Women’s Health, Relationships, Creativity, Parenting, Nutrition, Travel, Food, Gardens, Community, Social Justice, Politics.


The Lark Magazine

The Lark Magazine was created in my loungeroom as a means of spending focused creative time with my kids. It contains stories, poems, plays, riddles, philosophy and well,  more.  With an emphasis on creative writing, the publication offers literacy support, caters to visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning styles, and offers space for children to contribute works.

Through the sharing of creative works, Kids Quills supports readership and authorship of new, independent literature, as well as cultural exchange between children, hoping to build awareness of the daily experiences which define life on a planet of such great diversity, and prompt thoughts as to what kind of future children want to build together.

The Magazine aims to balance the use of technology for learning and leisure, encourages artistic exchange for enjoyment and growth, in place of reward. In this way it hopes to inspire children to think and express creatively, recognising the value of their unique contribution to local culture and in turn the Global Village.

This is an Independent publication, kept afloat by romantic faith in my usefulness as a writer, as well as the patience and support of my daughters and the divinity of the natural environment in which have made our home.

Released at the change of the seasons, you can find out more, or subscribe, via the website.



In 2015 an old friend dared me to write poetry. You can read it on my poetry site.

Poetry :


Freelance Articles published on UPLIFT

Does Happiness Make You Less Creative?

Is Free Will an Illusion?

Has Science Proven the Existence of God?



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